explore California's water certification programs

CWEA Certifications

For wastewater and water resource recovery careers.

State Water Board Wastewater Certification

Certification program for wastewater treatment facility operation

State Water Board Drinking Water Certification

Certification program for potable water treatment facility operation

CA-NV AWWA Certifications

Programs for drinking water careers.


Careers in the water industry provide the opportunity to earn a good living for yourself and your family while serving your community and protecting the environment.


Water Quality
Water quality is the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of water based more
Actions to Eliminate and Prevent Pollution of Rivers, Seas and Oceans
The development of measures for the protection of river water contributes to more
Methods of Cleaning Water from Contamination
Primary and secondary wastewater treatment is provided for. First, a mechanical method more
Ocean Conditions and Sea Ice Development
It is well known that ice formation begins when the outflow of more
Recycling Water Supply to Enterprises
In the process of modernizing enterprises, such technology as recycled water supply more