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A message from the Executive Directors of CASA and CWEA…

Dear Water Professional,

We are pleased to announce the next phase of our Work for Water campaign, called the “Next Gen Pipeline to Success”! Did you know California needs 6,000 new water professionals each year? We need your support now to reach out and place the next generation of water employees into positions where they can excel.

Our sector has long provided job opportunities and security to Californians by training and developing their professional skills. We need your support now to reach out across California to identify the right members of the next generation to carry forward our goals of public health and environmental protection.

The Next Gen Pipeline to Success ensures our sector continues to make connections with the next generation.

Our goal is to raise $40,000 for public outreach. With your support, CASA and CWEA will invest in the following projects in 2019:

  1. Production of recruiting messages, materials and campaigns.
  2. Develop online modules for outreach on water careers.
    (covering the hiring process, interviewing and certifications)
  3. Paid Facebook/Instagram advertising to reach women/veterans.

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Project Contacts

We’re raising the profile of California water professionals and bringing public awareness to the growing number of water jobs available. Help support CA Water Jobs!

Alec Mackie
510.382.7800 x114

Megan Barillo
510.382.7800 x141

Project Partners:

  • CWEA
  • Baywork
  • CASA