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CA Water Jobs Table throw – for 6′ or 8′ table. Two available to borrow. If lost or damaged, charge is $350.
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Project goal

Raising the profile of California water professionals and bringing public awareness to the growing number of water jobs available.

Project Contacts

Alec Mackie
510.382.7800 x114

Megan Barillo
510.382.7800 x141

Project Partners:

  • CWEA @CWEAmembers
  • Baywork
  • CASA @CASA_CleanWater
  • Project suporters

Campaign Hashtags
(current for summer 2017)

  • #workforwater
  • #waterjobs


Mid career workers:

  • Great pay
  • Great benefits
  • Great cause – helping your community
  • Job stability


  • Make a difference in your community
  • Work on very large, important water projects
  • Good pay and benefits
  • Challenging problems to solve
  • Opportunities to be creative
  • Career options and opportunities for growth
  • Be part of the solution by designing sustainable communities

Interesting water jobs statistics

  • 33% of water and wastewater workers will retire by 2020 (AWWA and Water Research Foundation)
  • 50% of staff at many smaller CA water utilities are eligible to retire (CWEA)
  • 50% of the staff at MWD, SoCal’s largest water provider, are now eligible to retire (MWD)
  • 23% of MWD’s workforce retired over the last 4 years (MWD)
  • Senior water and wastewater operators can earn over $100K (CAWaterJobs job board)
  • Starting water job salaries are typically $40-60K  (CAWaterJobs job board)
  • Deteriorating infrastructure requires more maintenance, rebuilding and designing new facilities which  = Lots of jobs
  • ASCE Infrastructure report card finds America’s water system receives a D and the wastewater system receives a D+. More work is needed which leads to jobs.
  • The drought has led to the State Water Action Plan, supported by $7.5 billion in Proposition 1 funding, communities will be building new water recycling and stormwater facilities which will lead to more new water jobs.
  • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission recently completed upgrading their treatment plants which employed 12,600 constructions workers who earned $460 million in wages and benefits. They are now undertaking an even larger project – the $7 billion sewer system improvement plan.
  • The San Jose-Santa Clara Wastewater Treatment Plant has also started an improvement project that will invest $2 billion in treatment plant upgrades.
  • Sacramento is starting their largest construction project ever, the Echo Water project costing $2 billion. The construction of this advanced water recycling facility will employ 600 construction workers per day during peak construction. The district will also need dozen of new wastewater operators and mechanics to operate the new facility. (Sacramento County Regional Sanitation)